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Excellence and success for every student

To provide career counseling and guidance service of international standards to all the students

Who We Are?

Talent Pakistan is a step to facilitate every student for a successful career. It is a program which will ensure that the base of youth is rectified and directed towards progress and prosperity by effectively assessing their skills and abilities. It is a career assessment, guidance and counseling service; focusing on the aspect of self discovery of the students, making them fully aware of their own skills and preferences.

We believe that "success should not be a matter of chance but a matter of choice".

We need to guide them to give them right direction. We want to make every individual successful no matter who they are and what they do. We want to add value in their lives.

  • Help students discover themselves
  • Help students make the right career choices
  • Help teachers understand students’ behavior
  • Help People be HAPPY & EFFECTIVE in whatever they choose.

Talent Pakistan, through career counseling, will give an insight to the youth which will not only give them happiness and success in their lives but will also make the way for a super-power Pakistan.

"Start planning for the future today, so that you may be prepared and ready for tomorrow." – Lincoln Patz

Latest News

bulletSelf Discovery
Our "Talent Pakistan" career counseling model will also help you identify your personality type through MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)-internationally recognized “Gold Standard”; that provides you an insight of your unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses that help in your personality development.

bulletMBTI® Practitioner
Program Director, Dr. Muhammad Qamarul Hasan is an MBTI® Specialist.






What is MBTI?
What are the Preferences of the MBTI instrument?
What is Extraversion–Introversion (E–I)?
What is Sensing–Intuition (S–N)?
What is Thinking–Feeling (T–F)?
What is Judgment–Perception (J–P)?
MBTI and Careers
Four Step Career Model
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